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Being a leader is one of the most complex, rapidly changing roles we experience. The most impactful leaders always build and refine their knowledge, skill, and competencies. Great leaders know that the teams are always transforming. Yesterday’s leadership knowledge can be outdated today. Our Build Leadership sessions focus on identifying strengths and guiding leaders to close leadership knowledge gaps.


Our Build leadership experience focuses on direct support to an individual leader. Leadership is a lonely endeavor. In leadership roles there is significant benefit to getting a clear, objective picture of strengths, growth areas, and career derailers.

The Build leadership experience is a safe space to get a clear picture of how your leadership is perceived by your boss, peers, and direct reports. The Build leadership format is developed to give you a roadmap for professional growth and success.


The Build Leadership path is a systematic exploration of leadership skills and competencies. We recommend a minimum of a 3-month investment to gain traction, confidence, and results in key leadership competencies.


Leaders invest in the professional growth and development Build leadership experience realize three key results: improved effectiveness, role clarity, and focused efficiency to achieve goals.


A leader is paired with one of our expert leadership consultants. A confidential leadership evaluation is taken. The data is analyzed with the leadership consultant. A collaborative leadership development plan is designed with clear goals and accountability.

If you are ready to take your leadership to the next level, the Build Leadership program is a comprehensive, results-focused program to get you there.

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